A smart omni-channel marketing campaigns solution for financial services. Engage your clients through effective cross-selling, showing the right message to the right people.

Effective Cross-Selling through Machine Learning

Prisma Campaigns is a smart multichannel marketing platform that allows you to orchestrate you marketing campaigns throughout all you channels in an effective and easy way. The platform uses machine learning to predict the next best marketing action for each customer, making the message you send relevant and most likely to be read.

Increase user retention by persoalizing your message

Real time optimization for a better campaign performance

Identify the NextBestAction in new campaigns through AI


  • Centralized campaign repository
  • E-mail templates and landing pages
  • Conversion funnel
  • A/B Testing on banners, e-mails and funnels
  • Dynamic forms for data capture
  • Easy integration with external data sources
  • Event triggered campaigns
  • Automated prioritization of campaigns and messages


Design relevant, personalized messages, based on client explicit (given) and implicit (behavioral) information.

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Go to market: 8-10 weeks

Real Time Optimization




Machine Learning


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