P2P: the payment evolution. Let your customers send and receive payments in an easy and seamless way using an email, number or nickname as a proxy.

Payments through every channel available

P2P is a component of the IC-Banking platform that allows to make payments between people in a simple way, using contact data (phone number, mail, Facebook account). This module allows the bank to be in the daily life of his clients, by sharing an expense in a lunch between friends, making a collection at work or paying a purchase online, the potential is endless.

Send and Receive Payments from your phone without having to access your bank account

State of the art technology that places the bank along with the last trends

Win new customers through the opening of accounts for the receipt of payments to non-customers


  • Send and Receive Payments from your phone
  • Create Collection with friends or coworkers through social media (or others channels)
  • Share costs with friends of a meal or a purchase
  • Request Payment

Be one of the forerunners to accomplish a real omnichannel banking strategy,


Easy to implement


Instant Payments


If you are interested in knowing more about P2P Payments, leave us your contact information and one of out team member will contact you.