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Transform all your customer touchpoints into a consistent brand experience with state of the art technology, putting your end-customers first, creating a seamless customer journeys, easy to use, and without friction.

Omnichannel Platform

IC Banking platform connects all the bank’s channels in a unique place, so you can handle everything in a centralized way


– Consistent user experience across all channels
– Web Responsive + Mobile Apps
– Accelerated time to market
– AI powered platform



  • Administrate parameters, limits and rules in a centralized placed
  • Manage the notifications and alerts the users will be receiving
  • Set permissions (functionalities, products, subsidiaries)
  • Role-based security for an organised  process


  • Analyze statistics and trends of access
  • Identify level of use by channel, country, schedule, device
  • Survey most used functionalities
  • Analyze transaction amounts

It works with what you already have!

IC Banking integrates with the core banking you already have, regardless of the technologies the bank already uses. We have plugged into more than 40 core banking systems seamlessly. The platform also enables the possibility of future integration of new channels, to stay always up to date with the main trends.

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Social Banking

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