Control your digital strategy, creating and managing the experience that your clients have throughout the customer journey, update their portals and banking applications, transforming them into modern digital experiences that are easy to use.

Empower your customers

Accelerate your digital transformation

Create brand experiences

Cash Management

  • Daily cash operations, have complete control over you cash flow, visualize   in real time your actual cash position.
  • Bank Transfers and Payment Approvals
  • Detailed analysis of payments and payment statistics
  • General view of current situation through dashboards, with access to  micro-analysis

Multi-Account & Multi-Currency

  • See an up to date cash position over all accounts in multiple currencies
  • Conciliation of income and expenses
  • Drill-down of cash in bank accounts of different currencies.
  • Detailed analysis of cash flows and closing balance.
  • Classify accounts


  • Salary payments
  • Execute multiple transactions
  • Massive payroll, multitask while uploading a file, focus on other tasks while heavy files are uploading
  • Schedule recurring payments
  • Payments to suppliers

FX Trading

  • Foreign trade portfolio details
  • Detail of export / import collection
  • Purchase of foreign currency
  • Request for amendment of letter of credit



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