Talk to millennials through the best possible channel, incorporate the bank services into the routine of their everyday lives.

AI applied to Financial Services

Alan is an intelligent communications platform that works with artificial intelligence, through it you can communicate with your customers, optimizing and personalizing the relationship in each case. Implement features in a matter of minutes, generating an innovative image thanks to a technology that accompanies the constant changes in the market.

Operates simultaneously in different networks in a centralized manner.

Empower and automate the communication process between the clients and the bank

Works in Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp, and other social networks


  • Query movements
  • Fast Transfers (own and to third parties)
  • Debit card lock
  • Detail of credit cards
  • Last movements
  • Payment of cards
  • Benefits
  • Agencies


Acceso to all that information by talking with Alan, asking him question as if he was a real person. Alan will answer in a fast and efficient way.


Easy to implement


No call centers expenses

24/7 service


Innovative image projection

AI Powered

Easy to implement

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