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Personal Finance Manager (PFM)

  • Planning and management of budgets through a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Budget and spending tools
  • Trends and spending patterns over time
  • Automatic classification of transactions, advanced intelligence
  • Indicators and meta objectives
  • Personal finance advisors, integration in advisor mode, cognitive banking
  • Possibility of using PFM data for perform cross-selling


Dashboard construction through our widgets system that allows creating custom scenarios for each type of profile. Superior and personalized user experience.


  • The bank can add new widgets, remove unwanted widgets and create custom panels.
  • Custom dashboards for different profiles, such as: payroll, SMEs, corporate, multiple combinations to cover all needs
  • Intuitive panels that allow customers to navigate easily, optimized to different devices.

Product Information

  • Account balance and last transactions, control through filters and categorization.
  • Balance supervision of all accounts: checking, savings, debit and credit accounts, personal and mortgage loans, among others.
  • Personalized grouping of accounts and shared accounts (monocomunited) between account holders.
  • Unique consolidated position that shows all products (accounts, securities, securities, loans, images, account statement).
  • Filters of pre-calculated periods, advanced search tool.

Movements and transfers

Centralized payment management, possibility of sending single and recurring payments, keeping control of finances.

  • National and international payments
  • Scheduled and recurring payments
  • Simple and multiple transfers
  • Manage pending and scheduled payments

Complete and responsive user experience

  • Seamless experience on all devices
  • 100% Responsive
  • Organized towards actions and services
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Focus on the “Customer journey”
  • AI Powered


Credit Cards

Credit card management, possibility to request new cards, block cards and change the limits of them in a simple and agile way

Branch information

Bank branches, ATMs, contact details of the customer account executive.

Payment of services

Payment of services through the platform, possibility of scheduling payments, see bills available to be paid and a historic.


Analize access trends and use of electronic channels through statistical data. Level of use by channel, country, time, device and most-used functionalities.


Centralized communication between the bank and the client through the platform, inbound and outbound notifications: push messages, SMS, emails, among others.


Multi-level security model, easy integration with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Possibility of requiring incremental authentication for high risk transactions.

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