Thanks to the experience and vision our professionals provide, we achieve optimal results in our customer’s projects. These results have been recognized by several international organizations.
2011 - INFOCORP won the CREAR 2011 award for its industry leading HR practices.
On June 3, 2011, before a large audience including government authorities and general public, the winners of this important award were announced.
In the Companies category, INFOCORP was awarded the FIRST place, followed by CITA in second and RCI in third place.
2010 - INFOCORP wins at Microsoft World Partners Conference
Reaffirming its position on the international stage, INFOCORP GROUP was recognized again as regional strategic partner in Latin America and Caribbean region for Microsoft. Such recognition was received during Microsoft’s World Partner Conference, held in July 2010 in Washington D C, U.S.A.
2009 - INFOCORP GROUP receives world-wide recognition through ICONEXA
ICONEXA (member company of the INFOCORP GROUP) is recognized once again in the Chilean and regional market, thanks to the impact and benefits of its finance and insurance solutions.
2007 - INFOCORP is Partner of the Year, according to Microsoft.
INFOCORP won the Latin America and Caribbean Regional Partner of the Year award. It was given during the Microsoft Worldwide partner Conference (WWPC), during the Microsoft Partner Program Awards ceremony held on July 11th in Denver (Colorado, U.S.A.)
2007 - CMMI Level 3: Pioneer in Methodology application.
On June 28th 2007, INFOCORP celebrated the achievement of Level 3 CMMI certification.

Achieving level 3 is the result of 2 years work and commitment. Now INFOCORP targets the highest quality standard and international acknowledgment, positioning Uruguay as a technological leader in the Latin-American region. With this new recognition, new opportunities arise in demanding markets, and endorses the words of INFOCORP’s President Gabriel Colla: “There are no horizons in technology, since the software industry is truly global”.
2006 - INFOCORP among the best once again
In the international Great Place to Work survey, held by Managers Consulting Company, and driven in Uruguay by ACDE, we got the fourth place among the companies that employ more than 100 people, and the tenth place in the general ranking. This is an important difference, as the authors of the survey say, because large companies face more difficulties and they need more and different concrete actions to get the same results that in small companies are achieved by more familiarity and concentration.
2006 - INFOCORP in Business Prestige ranking once again
Getting the 4th position in “Computing”, this is INFOCORP’s second consecutive appearance in the Business Prestige ranking. The poll is in its 9th edition and is organized every year by the newspaper “El País”, from Montevideo, Uruguay, and carried out by the Argentinean company CEOP Global.
2006 - Infocorp Group stands out in Chile.
Infocorp Group (with headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay) received a new award. This time was in Chile, where the holding works under the name of ICONEXA:

“Outstanding Business Partner in the implementation of added value solutions on Microsoft Technologies during FY06”.
2005 - INFOCORP among the top three
For the second consecutive year, INFOCORP achieved an excellent position into the prestigious survey Great Place to Work, carried out in Uruguay by Group Managers, licensed by Great Place to Work Institute Inc.
Among 50 local companies of all industries, INFOCORP got the second place of the ranking, improving the fourth place achieved in 2004. This acknowledgement awards excellence in the workplace from the point of view of the team members themselves.
2005 - INFOCORP is a five stars partner
On Friday October 14th, INFOCORP got excellent news that situates it, once again, at the region’s forefront. By submitting to a strict quality audit made by Microsoft to its partners, named Quality & Competitiveness Program (Q&C) and carried out by the prestigious Burean Veritas Quality International, INFOCORP was acknowledged with “5 stars“ qualification, the highest level possible.
2005 - Infocorp entre las 3 Mejores de Computación
Infocorp obtiene el tercer lugar en el rubro “Computación” en conocida encuesta de prestigio, detrás de respetadas compañías y posicionándose así como un importante jugador dentro del mercado empresarial. Este es un ranking que se construye en base a la espontaneidad de los empresarios consultados, los cuales responden y califican a las empresas en las siguientes categorías: imagen, posicionamiento, calidad, trayectoria, y liderazgo.
2004 - INFOCORP among the top ten
In its first participation in the prestigious international survey “Great Place to Work”, INFOCORP gets the 4th position, being located amongst the short list of Uruguayan companies that have the best working conditions.
This prestigious position was achieved among 52 companies, through evaluation of job security, implementation of training programs, fluency in internal communications, equality in working conditions, all of them considered the pillars of a positive organizational environment.
2003 - Entrepreneur of the Year
The President and founding partner of INFOCORP, Gabriel Colla, is appointed “Uruguay Entrepreneur of the Year” by Endeavor, an international nonprofit organization based in U.S.A., that promotes economic and social development based on entrepreneurial activity.
2002 - Best Solution for Enterprise Systems in Uruguay
INFOCORP is recognized in Microsoft Fusion 2002: “Microsoft ® Latin America is proud to recognize INFOCORP for its excellent performance, providing the Best Solution for Enterprise Systems in Uruguay in 2002”. Microsoft Fusion 2002 was the most important event for Microsoft business partners, was held in Los Angeles (Ca., U.S.A.) with participation of more than 3.000 companies worldwide.
2002 - Endeavor Entrepreneur
After a strict selection process, the President and founding partner of INFOCORP, Gabriel Colla, is selected as a member of this exclusive entrepreneurs group, giving INFOCORP the possibility to receive Endeavor’s support. This organization has among its objectives to identify and support innovative entrepreneurs with growing potential, to promote them as models to imitate, and develop a new culture of philanthropists.
2001 - Best E-Commerce Solution in Uruguay
INFOCORP is recognized in Microsoft Fusion 2001: “Microsoft ® Latin America is proud to recognize INFOCORP for its excellent performance, providing the E-Commerce Best Solution in Uruguay in 2001”. This award has been received in California, U.S.A., based on our solutions’ quality. That particular year also saw the implementation of important Intranet, Portals, E-Banking projects in major local companies and institutions, using the latest .Net technologies that Microsoft ® promotes for the new generation of applications.
1999 - Best Training Center
Our Training Center is acknowledged by Microsoft Corp as “Top Quality Technical Training Award 1999” for Uruguay. Such an award reflects not only the training quality delivered but also the excellence of our teaching group, certified by Microsoft.

Banco Caribe

Lilliam Reyes / IT Projects Manager
The decision to use Infocorp for this ambitious online banking project was a great one. Their people have shown an excellent professional level, and a great balance between formality and flexibility, delivering to our users on time and quality and successfully dealing with all the issues that happen in projects like this.


Zurama Corea / Development Manager
For BDF, quick adoption of innovative technologies has always been a key factor in obtaining competitive advantages. Because of this we decided to implement a SOA architecture based on Microsoft technology. This has been successfully achieved by INFOCORP.

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