We create, design and develop innovative applications that combine talent and technology, in order to find creative, high-impact solutions that satisfy our clients’ needs.
To achieve this goal, the values and competencies of our team are fundamental. 
Commitment & Ownership: Means to be committed to our actions and their impacts, beyond our formal responsibilities;   to be engaged with what happens to other teams and individuals around the organization. 
Customer Orientation: Listening and understanding the customer’s problems and needs with the genuine goal of satisfying their expectations is our main concern; in this process, both parties’ interests must be considered. 
Effective communication: Is the ability to listen, ask questions, and speak in an understandable and respectful   way, in different contexts. It includes the knowledge about: what, when, how and who ask in order to carry forward an objective, and the ability to understand the other person. ​
Positive Attitude: To enjoy what we do means showing enthusiasm, optimism and good disposition. It’s trusting our colleagues and, at the same time, exercising a constructive critical attitude. It means promoting a good working environment for all.
Results Driven: To make things happen means to be oriented towards action and getting results, in a responsible and honest way. It’s to demonstrate pragmatism and creativity in the pursuit of simple, elegant and effective solutions.
Teamwork: Making a difference together is the ability to actively participate in order to get better results, generating synergy from our joint efforts.
That’s why we say that at INFOCORP innovation, dynamism, creativity and a great attitude are our identifying characteristics.​​
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